Monday, November 12, 2012

Personal Bests

This is probably slightly obnoxious of me to post this, but remember, this blog is family history so I'm totally justified, right? haha ;)

The following are some personal bests with my running and I was most excited about the first one! I had been trying for weeks to run a 5k under 24 minutes, so when I finally did it I was SO excited.  My average pace was a 7:43 minute mile and I was thrilled with that!

This was my finish time running Suncrest.  If you don't know what that is, it is the city on the top of the Draper mountain and you run 4.08 miles up and then the same on the way down.  Going up is pretty steep and hard, but coming down is a exhilarating!  My fastest pace was under a 6 minute mile and my average pace was under a 9 minute mile for the whole thing - yeah!

This was my fastest 10k and I was thrilled that I finished in 53 minutes!  Last week I ran with my friends (who are super fast) and finished 6:06 miles in 50 minutes and a 8:32 pace.  I'm getting there. :)

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