Monday, November 12, 2012


We have only seen Jason a few times since he moved down South and the first time was the best surprise ever!  I wish I had more pictures to document it with, but at least I have a couple.

I had NO idea Jason was coming to town and his mom invited me to go lunch with her in
Draper.  When we got there, she had me sit down while she got the food and said that Jason's brother might join us on his lunch break.  All of sudden Jason came in and sat down across from me and I was genuinely confused because I realized it wasn't his brother.  When it dawned on me that it was Jason, I was just a mess of happiness!  I jumped up and went right over to him and hugged him about as hard as I possibly could and then I just started to cry.  We hadn't seen each other for a few weeks and I just ached to be with him.  I was completely happy and couldn't believe he was really there!  I sat by him for the rest of lunch and just held him.  I am sure that the other people in the restaurant thought I was a complete dork, but I don't care!

When the kids got home from school, Jason hid in the trunk of the car and surprised Kelsea, then he hid in the pantry to surprise the other kids. They were all so happy and so surprised.  It was the best! It was fabulous having Jason home with us!!

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