Saturday, December 24, 2011

Flat Tire

So, Jason went to pick up some groceries this morning and on his way there, his tire blew.  He pulled into the Walmart parking lot and could tell there was no chance of repairing the tire.  I think it is wonderful that whenever things like this happen to us, we always have the money to pay for it, it always happens in a place that we can take care of it easily, and it's always better than it could have been.  Yes, it stinks that the tire was bought, brand new, only a few months ago and we didn't pay extra for the insurance, but man, the Walmart car automotive department changed the tire for free while Jason finished his shopping and the place that we bought our tires happened to be open for another hour, so got Jason right in, and $60 later we're free from worry and able to head to our Christmas Eve parties.  We are blessed!  Even in afflictions, we are blessed!

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Colleen said...

Sorry that happened but glad everthing worked out as well as it did.