Saturday, February 9, 2013

Christmas 2012

Every year we are so blessed to have family close for fun Christmas Celebrations.  We always have a Larson Christmas Party the Saturday before Christmas at my Mom's house where we do a fun talent show, open trade gifts, and visit with Santa.

On Christmas Eve we go to My Grandma Hall's house for a party and then we go to Jason's Uncle Dan Reeder's for another party.  We always let the kids open their Christmas pajamas before we go.

Christmas morning we wake up at our own home and read the Christmas Story on top of Jason and my bed with all the kids.  It takes about 30 minutes and is all about the Savior.  After we do that, then Jason and I see if Santa came and then we let the kids walk out one-by-one, youngest to oldest, to see if they received anything.  It is always so fun!

After opening gifts we get ready and go to Jason's parent's for Brunch and it is the most amazing brunch as you will see by the picture below.  After we hang out there for a few hours, we then go down to my Mom's for Christmas Dinner and it is always so yummy.  We hang out for a few hours there playing games, opening gifts, and eating then we go home.

It seems like a crazy few days, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  It's busy as ever, but totally worth it!  I LOVE Christmas and I LOVE my family . . . .what a wonderful thing to have both of them hand in hand!

Jason's mom made this beautiful quilt for Keira and Keira sleeps with it every night

Jason's mom also made this amazing quilt with all of the jeans that Jason and his brothers grew up wearing.  She has been saving them for years but was never inspired by any pattern to make a quilt with them until she saw this pattern.  She made one for each of her five boys and also for Jason's dad.  It is beautiful!

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