Thursday, February 14, 2013

Packing the Trucks

 January 24th was the big day and I'll be okay if I never have to have a day like that again!  Not that it was a bad day, because it wasn't, but it was overwhelming and toyed with my emotions in many ways.  The following are pictures I decided to take at the last minute of all the rooms all packed up. Aside from a few things that we needed for the next day, everything was boxed up and ready to be loaded into the trucks when help came that night.

Jason and I picked up the trucks around 3 p.m. and it was pretty interesting driving something so large (we had 2 of the very biggest Uhaul trucks). That night we were so blessed to have over 20 men and women come and help us load up our entire house into these two trucks.  It went pretty fast and we finished in less than two hours. 4500 sf of living packed in less than two hours!  Awesome!

I felt pretty good the entire time everything was being moved out, but I also felt a lot of different emotions and could feel that I was overwhelmed.  I did great holding back the tears until my older brother came up to say goodbye - I totally lost it! I just hugged him and cried and cried. I love him so much and that was the first time I really realized I was leaving everyone behind.  I quit crying pretty fast and stayed strong the rest of the night, but I wanted to just break down and cry when we were all done.

Luckily for me, my sweet next door neighbor was helping until almost everyone was gone, so Jason and I went together to walk her home.  When we got there we hung out for a little while with the two of them and it was a nice unwind.  We laughed and it really lightened the mood.  (Our children were all staying at different places so we were free to visit a little bit.)

When we came back home my dear sister, Tami was there and helped me bring up all the extra boxes we had left over, that we didn't use, in the basement.  She was the BEST help since my sweet mother had been watching Keira and Landon for three days straight and was kind enough to keep the children away while we did all the moving. My mom would have been there to the very end, but we needed her help with the children more than that.  Tami, Jason, and I ate some steamed veggies and took a funny picture for me to post on FB about our unwinding.  It made me laugh.  I was grateful that the day ended lighthearted!

Jason and I slept at our house for the last time on an empty floor in our Master Bedroom with the most amazing air bed I have ever slept on (thanks Jex's)!

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