Thursday, February 14, 2013

Moving Day - Empty House

Moving day finally arrived on January 25th and it was humbling how many people came over to help with last minute cleaning and to say goodbye! Wow!  I tried to be so strong the entire day, but had a couple moments where the tears crept in.  I am SO thankful for everyone that helped us - I really cannot thank them enough.  Everything went so smooth and so well and we were on the road by 7 p.m., which is not too bad.

There were a LOT of tears as we drove down our street for the last time and it was heart wrenching hearing my children so sad in the back seat of the car! I could not hold back the tears myself!  So many great years in that neighborhood and so many great friends and memories.  Also, we left both of our families and we love being with our families. It's hard to be asked to leave all of that, but we know we are doing the right thing and have no doubt everything will work out for the best!

My dear friend, Cassie, came to help clean and cheerfully cleaned the bathrooms and then put Keira to work cleaning the base boards - it was adorable.
Kelsea and my Grandma Hall
Right before we left we decided to get pictures of the kids in all of the empty rooms

This was when Brianna and her best friend on Earth said goodbye to each other.  They have been inseparable for the past six year and this part of the move was by far the most sad for me to think about.  No one wants to be taken from their best friend.  They both cried for days.

We weren't necessarily feeling as goofy as this picture shows, but that's how we kept our spirits high by saying a goofy goodbye.

The following pictures are of us unloading in St. George.  Jason's family came down and helped us. :) Once again, we are SO thankful for all the help that everyone gave us.  We are so incredibly blessed!


Mariah said...

Glad to see my face made it in a shoot. I must of not realized I was walking right in front of you as you were taking a picture. Too funny.

Tammy said...

Oh Mindi! This is such a sad post!!! I hope you know I think the world of you and I will miss you tons! I do not do goodbye's so I'm so sorry I didn't come help but I'm happy to know you had so many others who did! Life will always be slightly different without your family in the neighborhood.