Monday, May 13, 2013

New Job

I decided to apply for a job at the kids' school since Jason has so much studying and could be home with the little kids.  I was thrilled to get the job and I have had a nice time working there.  I'm a Special Ed Paraprofessional and I work with small groups of kids in resource.  I am getting to know the staff at the school and have made some nice friends.  A few of my co-workers joke around with me and are sarcastic with me so I am starting to feel right at home :)

This was a picture on my first day.  It went well, but I came home feeling somewhat emotional because of how much I missed all of my Thunder Ridge friends!  At TR I was always around people and spent a lot of time in the workroom (which was one of the most social areas of the school).  I knew everyone and laughed a ton throughout the days.  I realized my new job would keep me away from most of the adults in the school and though it would be very rewarding working with the resource students, I would lack that social out I so desperately need. I'm happy to say, that hasn't been the case.  I have loved working there and have had plenty of opportunities to talk and laugh with other adults. :)

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