Monday, July 16, 2012

Last PTA Meeting

For my last PTA Board meeting of the year, I had a lot of fun putting together a fun power point presentation summing up the entire year.  My friend, Cheri Hardman, gave me the idea and I changed all the words to the "Oh, The Places You'll Go" book by Dr. Suess to basically sum up what everyone did this year to make it successful, then I gave everyone on my board an individual thank you, presented some awards to a couple amazing volunteers, thanked my dear President Elect, Sheryle Coray, thanked the Principal, Mr. Theler, played a song that I wrote, "Impressions" about the impressions made on me this year, and then I ended with a fun slideshow.  I got a little emotional, but not near as bad as I thought I would get.  I just really loved my board and appreciated all that they did for me this year and I was thrilled to be able to have an entire meeting to put the focus on them and thank them for everything they did this year.  I am a lucky gal!

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