Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Relay Races and 6th Grade vs. Faculty Softball game

(I have no idea why all of my pictures posted out of order, but I don't have time to change them, so I'll try to caption them instead.)

These are pictures of our Relay Races and 6th Grade vs. Faculty Softball game on Field Day.  It was a total blast!

Preparing for our relay race.  We went against the 5th grade girls because they beat the 4th and 6th grade girls.  We were not sure if we were going to be as fast and we ended up being SUPER fast!  I forgot that I could run that fast.  I used to be a sprinter, dur!

The hand off to me

I'm runnin' like the wind ;)

I was 3rd base most of the game and one time when my back was turned to get a ball, I got creamed by a 6th grader.  He slid into my legs and I buckled over backwards.  It didn't hurt that bad, but totally startled me.  He felt really bad, but I was fine with it.  Mr. Theler was not happy!  He told everyone to tone it down.

Brandon Jacobsen is the PE teacher and is a total hoot.  He would always dance around and everyone loves his chicken dance.

Mr. Theler had to explain the rules of the relay race over and over because people were not doing it right.  It was funny.  Next year will be much better because everyone will be better prepared. :) 

Corbyn ran in the relay and was very fast.  I was super impressed!

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