Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Year End Work Party

 These are pictures from the my year end work party at Thunder Ridge.  I had a fabulous time working with all of them and it was hard to say good-bye.  The nice thing was that Mr. Theler wanted to make sure the party was light and fun, so there weren't a lot of tears shed.  Kathy Loveridge and I planned a very fun presentation for all of the employees with funny gifts and sayings.  We had a lot of laughs!  They also honored everyone that would not be back next year and it made for a great party!  I did still shed a few tears, but it was way less than I thought and I had an absolute blast at the party!  I dearly love all of these people and will certainly miss them when we are gone!

Freddy - One of our Custodians and the sweetest man!

All of the gifts that Kathy and I bought for the employees - lots of laughs when we presented them :)

I can't even tell you how much I love these ladies!!  Erica Decker , Brittany Cochrane, and Kathy Tippetts were the Fifth Grade team that I worked with all year.  I will be friends with all of them forever!
It's no secret that Kathy Loveridge and Jason Theler are two of my favorite people at Thunder Ridge.  I have worked with Mr. Theler since February 2011 and have worked with Kathy since last summer.  They are dear friends of mine and I will miss them both very much! . . . This is a totally cheesy picture though - I'm giggling right now ;)

2nd Grade Team - Salome Pita, Paula Tucker, Stacy Howell, TiNea Hutchings

My workroom peeps

Kindergarten Team - Tiffany Crockett, Laura Glover, Devon McPherson

Specialty Teachers - Louise Harrington (Computers), Sheynah Satterfield (Music), Poiette Lang (Art)

Autism Team - Jennifer Fletcher  on the far left and Angela Seiter on the far right with their awesome para-educators

Autism Para-educators :)

6th Grade Team - Heather Jensen, Ashlee Allred, Mark Gatto  and Bailey Smith from 4th Grade

Anita Krohn - Aide, Lisa Schmidt - 1st Grade, Laura Salzman - 3rd Grade

Corey Hansen - Head Custodian

We had Cafe Rio catered - yummmmmm!

Jennifer Gossard, Brandon Jacobsen, Corey Hansen

Lunch Staff

Apryl Beck - 1st Grade, Melonee Wright - Aide, Colleen Smith - 3rd  Grade, Katie Rogers - 3rd Grade


Mr. Larson - 4th Grade, Katrina Uriarte - Resource, Corey and Brandon

Brittany and Erica from 5th Grade and Jessie Cannon from 4th Grade

Emily Eliason - 1st Grade, Anita, Lisa, Laura, and Natalie Burgon from 1st Grade

Me, Kathy, Michelle, and Jason :)

Brittany and Erica wrote a very nice story about me and called me the Girl with the Twirl, so I had just done a twirl when this picture was taken

I did get a little emotional when they were doing my tribute.  I am just so attached to these sweet ladies!

We did the funniest song to "Hero" by Mariah Carey.  I rewrote the words so that it would be about the workroom Heroes - it was pretty silly.

Kathy and I gave Mr. Theler a bag of Pistachios and changed the name to Pechacho because of an inside joke that a bunch of us share with that word.  Now everyone knows about it, but it is still funny.

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