Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thunder Ridge Mini-Marathon

Our school did a mini-marathon as a part of Field Day activities and I was able to participate with our kids.  It was a mile run and was a total blast!

Two of my FAVORITE people this year! Kathy Tippetts and Jennifer Gossard - my workroom buddies and great friends!

Brianna and her friend, Abby

I was the first woman to finish the race and did it in 8 minutes :)

Corbyn was pretty fast and in the first round of boys to finish.  I had no idea he could run like that! :)

Our music specialist, Sheynah Satterfield, and our Computer Teacher, Louise Harrington

Mr. Theler and Mr. Jacobsen let the 3rd graders beat them in the second round of races.  I thought that was nice of them considering they didn't even let the 4-6th graders stand a chance ;)

Mr. Theler and Mrs. Smith cheering people across the finish line.  Mrs. Smith was Brianna's teacher and one of Brianna's very favorite teachers ever!

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