Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Race for Reading 5K

Kelsea and I ran our first 5K together for our city's Saratoga Splash activities.  It was so much fun.  I ran with my running buddy, Jennie Brueck, and we both pushed each other pretty hard.  When we were just about to the end I started sprinting to the finish and suddenly she was right on my side neck and neck for the win.  My hat kept coming up so I threw it off my head and dead sprinted to the finish.  I barely beat her by not even a second.  I love that she pushes me so much because I guarantee I would not have ran that hard at the end had she not been there!  

Kari, Aubrey, and Kelsea after the finish.  Kelsea did a great job and didn't even think she would be able to finish.  She is a lot like me and sprinted at the end and came in before her friends.  She is not the braggy type, but I bet she was glad she came in first.

Talya and Jennie - two of my closest friends! :)

Jaime Theler and me.  She is Mr. Theler's wife and one of my new, close friends.  She took first place out of the women and I came in Third.  She is a super fast runner so I was thrilled to even be standing next to her ;)

Holding our winnings.  I gave mine to Jennie, though, because I only ran the race at the last minute because they told me to grab a number.  Since I didn't pay, I didn't want to get a shirt or the prize.  Besides, if I hadn't run, Jennie totally would have come in third - I kind of felt bad that I ran so fast at the end. Oh, well.  It was my best 5K time at 26 minutes :)

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