Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cougar Fan Fest in St. George

Okay, this was just about AWESOME!  Jason found out awhile ago that the there was going to be a BYU Fan Fest at a park in St. George so we made sure we went.  I had no idea there would be so many amazing athletes there, including my all time favorite defensive player, Kyle Van Noy!  Sheesh! We had a blast and I was such a silly super fan!  I'm such a dork! I practically chased Van Noy down to have him sign my favorite running hat, but hey, I got results and now my running hat looks even that much more awesome! Pure respect! That's what I have for these athletes! :)

Yep, that's when I chased him down . . . well, not really, I just saw him stand up right before we got  to the front of the line to have him sign our stuff and since he was the one I really wanted a signature from, I couldn't let him  leave without signing my hat.  I felt so dumb when he sat right back down and still signed all our stuff.  I'm such a dur!

Yep, that's Taysom Hill! Oh yeah!

Oh, and would that be my children and me with Van Noy? For sure!!

Coach Rose - I almost got hired to be his Secretary last year. I had such a fun interview with Brian Santiago and would have really enjoyed that job, but then we found out we were moving so there was no way I could do it.  Someday I'll work in the BYU Athletic department, I don't know how, but it'll happen ;)

I dove to get this shirt when Cosmo was throwing them to the crowd and I was super excited, although I felt really dumb too ;)

And there it is . . . my favorite running hat with my favorite player's signature! Boo-ya!

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