Wednesday, July 3, 2013

PTA Convention 2013

I went to the PTA Convention with my new PTA Peeps and had an absolute blast!  I didn't know any of these women before convention and we had such a fun road trip.  I loved my roommate, and the ladies I drove up with were a blast! They were all so fun and goofy and I felt right at home.  It made me so much more excited to serve in the new PTA.

Donuts at 11 p.m. ;) 

Shae and Shay :)

Funny Lorna!  They were teasing her about taking a bite out of ever donut last year.

I was so excited to get this cup free from one of the vendors!! I love BYU and I love Free! Yay!

Look who I found . . . My Thunder Ridge friends! I was so happy to see them!!

Photo Bomb

Thunder Ridge PTA Presidents in order of year from Right to Left . . . Me, Sheryle, Suzy, and Jamie.  I have decided I may never wear that shirt again, although it's cute it's not very flattering ;)

Thunder Ridge receiving the State Involvement Award - Yay!

 I love taking pictures of BYU's campus because it brings back tons of great memories!

My Thunder Ridge friends invited me to join them for lunch with Mr. Theler and it was a lot of fun to be there.  The biggest surprise was that Talya was there and she is one of my dearest friends on Earth.  We were so excited to see each other and gave each other a big ol' hug! I sure love her!

Sheryle and Talya - LOVE these ladies!

Me and Cheri - Such a dear friend of mine - sure love her!

Me and Jamie - I adore her!

My new St. George PTA Peeps - Love these ladies!!

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