Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Read Like a Star Reading Party

All of the students who read 3500 minutes during the school year were invited to a fun year end party at the kids' school.  Corbyn was able to go and I was excited to go and be a part of the party!  When I was out there, the school counselor, Mr. Andrus, dumped a cooler full of water on me and I was drenched! Little did he know that that kind of thing is right up my ally, so of course I got him back. With the help of some of our other co-workers I found out which car was his and took some of his dry clothes and hid them in a filing cabinet in the school. Then I waited until he put on his nice shirt, grabbed the hose and hosed him down. He exclaimed, "Hey, these are my nice clothes!" to which I quickly pointed to my soaking wet clothes and said, "So are these!"  It was funny, but ultimately I'll have to say he won, because I had to leave right when the bell rang because I was headed up to Provo to the PTA Convention and I told the Principal where his clothes were and she had to tell him before he even realized they were missing - Grr! Oh, well, at least I can admit defeat ;)

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