Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"P" Party

My awesome Personal Progress Advisor in Young Women's put together a fun "P" Party to kick off our push for the girls to do their Personal Progress. Everyone came decked out in everything "P" they could think of and it was so much fun.  All the activities started with a "P" and she introduced the Personal Progress program in a fun, spiritual way.  I was so grateful we had such a great turnout and I am hoping the girls will develop their own testimony of personal progress in their lives.  (I earned my medallion as a youth, but I am starting again - it's been very enjoyable!  I started with the Virtue value experiences and project because we kicked off a Book of Mormon 90 Day challenge that night and I have been lovin' it! Oh, and Virtue wasn't one of the values when I was in YW's so I thought it would be neat to start with that.)

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