Sunday, December 2, 2012

YW Recognition

Kelsea's YW Recognition Night.  In our ward they combine this with the YM and it is cool because they go back and forth with the YW Awards and then the YM Awards and all the parents are there to support both.  It's super cool.  Kelsea finished some value experiences and a couple projects, including Good Works for doing the Camp videos for our Ward and also for our stake.  Kelsea is super techy and knows her way around computer editing like her momma would have no clue!

This is a 16 year old that thought it would be funny to tease Kelsea and her friend.  It worked.  Kelsea was totally embarrassed, but didn't mind.  He's such a funny, nice guy!

Can you believe she is only 12 in this picture?!

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