Sunday, December 9, 2012

Suncrest Run - I LOVE it!!

I've decided I really like running hills and my favorite hill run is Suncrest in Draper.  You start in Highland at the bottom of the hill and run 4.08 miles to the top (where this lovely picture was taken with the "Suncrest" sign in the background). It's pretty steep, something like 1200 foot elevation rise, but it's strangely fun.  I can't explain why I like running it so much, but it makes me feel so accomplished.  It's hard, for sure, but after you reach the top you get to fly back down and that is exhilarating!! Plus, the scenery is fantastic.

I've run this by myself and also with my friend, Jaime Theler, and my friend (shown below) Shauna Powell.  I can get to the top in 41 minutes and have finished the entire run in 1:12 minutes.  LOVE IT!

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