Sunday, December 9, 2012

Halloween Parties

As you probably already know, I LOVE Halloween!  It is such a fun holiday and I enjoy the whimsical feeling that comes along with it.  Every year we have a party at my mom's house and then a party with Jason's Family at his parent's ward.  The following are pictures from the parties, except the first picture.This year Kelsea had a party at her friends house and we talked her into being a Cheerleader because it is so not her - she looked darling, but was mortified to wear the uniform.  She decided not to wear it on Halloween and dressed as a bball player instead. :)

This is my sister's husband and my oldest brother.  It was just classic when they came in their bball gear and looked like "Church Ball" pros.  My brother is wearing his gear from when he played in high school and we all got a kick out of it! :)

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